Are you ready to be a collection researcher? That's what the Wiki Museum of Ipiranga - How many? offers you: develop your research skills and learn more about the Ipiranga Museum collection.

Curating the collection is one of the most important activities of the museum. Here, researchers -- and now you! -- look at the objects in the collection to identify their origin, what they portray, the history of the piece. In the application Wiki Museu do Ipiranga - How many?, you participate in this curatorial work, counting how many elements are present in the works of the collection.

The work is serious! Your edits are interactive and automatically recorded. They appear in a large document, a database, in which the information about the Ipiranga Museum collection is gradually improved. You are now empowered to help - what a responsibility, right?

The application is a collaborative curation resource, where everyone can participate. It works like Wikipedia, the encyclopedia in which everyone world can edit.

Hands on, we now have 12842 works whose information need your help!

This app was developed in Flask.
The source code is available on GitHub.
Source code license: GPL v3.0.
License of texts: CC-BY-SA 4.0 International.
License of objects returned from Wikidata: CC0.
Version 1.0.1